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It’s natural when starting anything new to have lots of questions. Below are the answers to the questions I am asked most frequently. I hope that I’ve answered most of yours on here, if I haven’t please get in touch.

What do I need to wear for a Pilates session?

Sport clothing which allows movement is best, however ordinary leggings and a Tshirt work well too.  Layers are best as many of the venues are community halls which can take a while to heat up so please bring an extra layer to keep warm on those chilly days.  Pilates is best practiced in bare feet or Pilates/Yoga socks.

Is there anything I need to do before turning up to a session?

Yes – you need to book on – please see booking page.  All sessions are payable in advance.  If its your first session you will need to complete the online health screening questionnaire; you’ll have a link to it in your registration confirmation email.

It is also wise not to eat to closely to attending a session as you need time to digest your food.  A light meal is a better option before practicing Pilates or waiting till you have finished your session.

It is also a good idea to bring with some water to sip during practice if required to keep you hydrated.

How long is a Pilates session?

Generally most sessions last for about 45-55mins and will include some stretching and relaxation techniques.

Do I need a mat or any equipment?

If you attend on a regular basis it is nice to work with your own mat and it helps to motivate you to practice at home too.  However, I provide the mats and small equipment that we use in session.

How early do I have to turn up for the session?

For group sessions if it is your first time it is wise to turn up 5 mins early so we can introduce you to the session and venue.  However generally a few mins before the session commences allows you time to find a mat and get your equipment.  It is always wise to check the parking situation out at the venue beforehand so finding parking doesn’t hold you up.

I have an injury – what if I find an exercise doesn’t suit me?

Firstly don’t force yourself to complete the exercise if it feels wrong for your body biomechanics.  It is important to listen to your body.  The great thing about Pilates is that there are always alternative exercises and ways forward to help everyone with adaptations of exercises.  Please do let me (the coach) know if you are struggling with any concept in the session and we can work together to find something that does suit you.

Why do I have to pay up front for the session or course?

Due to the restricted class size and in order to cover costs, ensuring payments are paid prior to the course/session ensures that costs are covered and allows for the coach to concentrate on delivering the Pilates session rather than dealing with admin and payments on the day which can take away from the experience.

I am going to miss a couple of sessions due to holidays/work commitments. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, the cost model of delivering the service cannot take in account every participants varying schedules.   Once you have committed to the course the space on the course is reserved for you at every session.  Therefore, no refunds are given for sessions missed unless Flourish has had to cancel a session/course.

I can’t make the session. What do I need to do?

If you are unable to get in touch don’t worry, however if you can let Sonia know if you are unable to make the session it is most appreciated and helps with the room set up and knowing who to expect.

I would love to set up a regular Pilates session at my workplace…. How do I go about it?

Firstly, get in touch with Sonia to discuss requirements, as there are a number of ways that workplace sessions can be funded and hosted. It is a good idea to assess interest in a session by asking colleagues about the timings of the session, where would be the best place to host it, etc. to help planning.  A taster session helps people understand if committing to a block of sessions is for them and these can be arranged to help introduce workplace Pilates to everyone.

Workplace Pilates needs a clear warm space which is quiet and away from work demands.  Sessions can last 30-45 mins and don’t require participants to get hot or sweaty so people can return to their jobs without any inconvenience.  Some people like to change into sportswear to take part so somewhere to get changed is a good idea.